Meet the Team

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Amy Mazzola is our resident copywriter. She works with Professor to craft the life skills as well as writes all of our email and social media copy. She and her husband own a school outside of Boston, Ma where they use the either KLLS program.

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Ben Craps handles shipping and inventory out of our South Carolina office. He is a military veteran, husband and dad who is dedicated to every Kids Love Life Skills partner.

Favorite Life Skill

Brannon Beliso


I believe in the unlimited potential of children. My purpose is to empower them with the life skills to be their very best. When children learn to believe in themselves through hard work and never giving up, they earn an independence that teaches them that everything is possible. They are whole within themselves will the tools to create an amazing life.

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Marco Mazzola handles the graphic design for the team. He designs many of the social media posts as well as the signage and formatting of all the skills. He and his wife own a school outside of Boston where they use all of the KLLS products. He can offer support to school owners as someone who uses the program daily and is familiar with it.

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Letticia Craps handles the SC division of Kids Love Life Skills. She takes pride in giving the best customer experience ever to all the KLLS partners. Reach out to her at if you have any questions or concerns.

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